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Land Rover Online Service History Tool

Did you know that if you own a Land Rover, registered from 1st July 2013 onwards, you can access your full service history via the Land Rover Online Service History tool? It’s simple to use, go to: https://osh.landrover.com/ enter your vehicle VIN number and you can see your vehicle service history from anywhere at any time.

What you probably didn’t know is that R HUNT 4X4 is an approved service centre for Land Rovers and as such we are able to upload your vehicles service details when a service is undertaken with us

September 2019

Flat tyre……. simple job you think…….or is it?

R Hunt 4x4 Salisbury Wiltshire

Well it would have been had you been able to find the locking wheel nut key. Just when you need it, it’s nowhere to be found in your vehicle!

Hopefully our new locking wheel nut key bags will come to the rescue! Bright blue and clearly labelled so there’s no mistaking what’s inside. Just pop it in your glovebox or with your spare tyre and when you next have a flat tyre.

You’ll be grinning with satisfaction because your locking wheel nuts haven’t got the better of you!

Ask for your free locking wheel nut key bag on your next visit to R Hunt 4X4.

August 2019

Have you ever thought about becoming a vehicle technician/mechanic?

Leaving school or college and trying to decide what career path to take seems such a daunting task these days. There are such a wide variety of courses and jobs to consider, it can be quite difficult to decide which way to go.

If you have a passion for vehicles, love tinkering with engines and enjoy electronics, maybe becoming a vehicle technician is the job for you?

The motor industry is a sector which is continually moving forward to keep up with new technology, design and environmental factors, making it a great future career choice. There are so many opportunities for work such as mechanical repair, fabrication & body work, electronics & diagnostics and high performance & tuning. Maybe reading Ray’s journey into the motor industry might inspire you to consider a career working as a motor mechanic...

Ray was a practically minded child (sometimes found looking through skips for handy tackle!) and didn’t enjoy the academic nature of school, after leaving secondary school with few exams, Ray undertook his motor mechanic training at Salisbury College in the early 1990’s. At home he enjoyed modifying and rebuilding vehicles, he had a keen interest in Land Rovers, off road driving and trialling.

He worked as an apprentice and then a mechanic locally before embarking on his own business.

At first, he was mobile, going to people’s houses in his van to fix their cars and then moving on to share a workshop in Winterslow. After moving to Clearway Garage, R HUNT 4X4 has continued to develop and grow, as has Ray’s experience, knowledge and skills. 25 years on from his training, Ray is now the head of a successful business, leading a small team of staff and is supporting the next generation of vehicle mechanics through employing an apprentice (the 3rd one to have trained at RHUNT4X4).

July 2019
R Hunt 4x4 Salisbury Wiltshire garage

R Hunt 4x4 Salisbury Wiltshire garage

R Hunt 4x4 Salisbury Wiltshire garage