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At R Hunt 4X4 we have simple principles which have held us in good sted for the last 15 + years and which we feel will take us long into the future. We believe in:

Good honest hard work offering the best possible service for our customers
Using our industry expertise and knowledge to best effect in every job we do
Efficient, reliable service from which customers can build trust
Honest and reliable pricing
Helpful, friendly staff who are always happy to assist
Supporting and being actively involved in our local community and economy.

If you believe in our ethos, we look forward to seeing you soon and hopefully for many more years to come!
A bit rusty?

Question: Which one of these vehicles is most likely to have corrosion?

R Hunt 4x4 car rust prevention

Answer: possibly both!

It’s not just older vehicles that suffer from corrosion; you could have the beginnings of corrosion on your vehicle without being able to see it. Corroded components and body parts are sometimes tricky to see, hiding under a layer of dirt. Corrosion, like most things, if undetected will worsen with time, so the earlier you catch it, the better.

At R Hunt 4X4 we offer a check over service, which includes identifying areas where corrosion may have started and advising you on what action to take.
Tune it...tune it...tune it...

Would you like to increase the performance of your vehicle?~
Would you like to increase fuel economy?

Would you like to increase the performance of your vehicle?

Would you like increased pulling power (torque)?

Then look no further!

R HUNT 4X4 now has ‘GENIUS’ a remapping tool which will increase the driveability and reliability of your vehicle.

Go to: http://www.eliteremaps.com and insert your vehicle details to discover how GENIUS can improve the power and torque of your vehicle or call Ray and team for more details.
The full range of diagnostic solutions

Modern vehicles are a bit like computers on wheels these days, filled with all the latest technological advances to make your journey more economic, minimising damage to the environment and ensuring the best performance and comfort from your vehicle.

This level of technology has to be matched in the world of car repairs and servicing through using diagnostic equipment to identify and rectify engine faults.

At R Hunt 4x4 a range of diagnostic solutions are available for all types of vehicle providing a dealer-level service at your local garage. In addition, we can now offer software updates on all new Land Rovers using the ‘Autologic’ diagnostic system, including suspension software upgrades often forgotten when changing pumps.

So feel rest assured, whatever make your vehicle, Ray and his team have all the latest equipment, gadgets, knowledge and experience to meet your needs.
R Hunt 4x4 of Salisbury, servicing and repairs on all makes of car, 4x4, commercial, agricultural and horse boxes. The latest technology for diagnostic testing and key coding
R Hunt 4x4 Salisbury Wiltshire garage

R Hunt 4x4 Salisbury Wiltshire garage